Submitting Data for Audience

Factual Audience converts time-stamped location data into targetable user profiles. If you are a mobile publisher, exchange, ad network or other source of mobile location data, you can submit your data to Factual to be used for the creation of user-specific audience segments. The following table outlines the available integration options:

I am a…

Number of MAUs

Recommended Integration

Publisher or Ad Network


Audience Write API

Publisher or Ad Network



Real-time Bidding Exchange


Add Factual as a bidder on your exchange

On-Prem Customer


On-Prem HTTP Submission


The Audience Write API is the quickest and most reliable integration path for submitting Audience data. Use this API to send real-time device data to Factual.

Large Publishers (> 10 million monthly active users)

For data volumes too large for the Audience Write API, Factual offers S3 Integration.

Real-time Bidding Exchanges

In this integration, Factual receives bid requests from your exchange, but does not place any bids. Mobile impressions are journaled and used to create Audience segments. The Factual bidder supports OpenRTB 2.3 and higher.

On-Prem Customers

If you are integrated with our On-Prem software for the purpose of receiving information about your users and the locations they visit, you can use the HTTP Server to submit data to Factual. See On-Prem HTTP Submission.


For prospective data partners, Factual offers an evaluation version of our Audience product. See our Audience Evaluations document for more information.