Sending Custom Places to Factual

In some situations, you may request that Factual work with a set of custom places for a particular opportunity (e.g., for a specific campaign being serviced by Measurement). This document describes how to format the custom places file that you send to Factual.

File Naming

For the filename, please include your company name, the name of the chain or locations being measured, and the phrase “CustomPlaces” in the file name, separated by dashes (“-”). Use the following format: [CompanyName]-[ChainName]-CustomPlaces.tsv

Do not include any non-alphanumeric characters (spaces, underscores, apostrophes, etc.) in the chain name. As an example, if your company name is MarketerX and you are sending Factual the locations of Amy’s Back-to-Basics Hardware stores, the filename should be: MarketerX-AmysBacktoBasicsHardware-CustomPlaces.tsv

File Format

Your file should be a tab-separated value (TSV) file containing the fields described in the table below.
Individual records should be delimited by a newline.

Store IDString; requiredA unique identifier for a specific store or location.A275
NameString; optionalThe name of the specific store or location.BurgerChain
Street AddressString; optionalStreet address of the specific store or location.123 Main St
CityString; optionalCity of the specific store or location.Burbank
RegionString; optionalState or region of the specific store or location.CA
LatitudeString; requiredLatitude of the store or location. Factual strongly recommends at least 6 decimal places of precision.34.181072
LongitudeString; requiredLongitude of the store or location. Factual strongly recommends at least 6 decimal places of precision.-118.311543

Note: Do not include headers in any file submitted directly to Factual. Please send your Factual account representative the ordered list of fields as described below to ensure correct processing of your file. For example, if your file contains Store ID, Latitude and Longitude (in that exact order), but no other fields, then tell your Factual account representative prior to submitting your places file.


The following are two examples of compliant files. The first file has the following fields: Store ID, Latitude, Longitude

6C9  34.181072  -118.311543
3H4  34.181046  -118.311511
HWE  34.181100  -118.311545

The second file has the following fields: Store ID, Name, Street Address, City, Region, Latitude, Longitude

6C9  BurgerChain LA      123 Sunset Blvd    Los Angeles    CA    34.181072  -118.311543
3H4  BurgerChain OC      12 Jeffrey Road    Irvine         CA    34.181046  -118.311511
HWE  BurgerChain Valley  41 Ventura Blvd    Sherman Oaks   CA    34.181100  -118.311545