Measurement Data (MD)

Factual's Measurement enables you to utilize Factual’s mobile location data and Place Attachment technology to measure the impact of your campaigns in driving real world visits to physical locations such as retail stores, restaurants, auto dealerships and other businesses. One of the solutions offered under Measurement is Measurement Data. The Measurement Data solution sends store visits to partner platforms like DSPs, campaign management systems, and marketing intelligence platforms. You can then use these platforms to receive reporting on store visit conversions for the campaigns you want to measure.

A list of the partner platforms where you can use Factual's Measurement Data is at

Activating Measurement Data for a Campaign

Once you have decided to use Factual's Measurement Data to measure your campaign via a partner platform, it is easy to activate the data for the campaign.

  1. Send the following campaign details to your Factual account representative.
  • The campaign's start and end dates
  • The campaign's conversion window
  • The list of stores/locations to measure visits to
  1. We recommend using Factual's Global Places data to generate the list of stores/locations to measure. A Factual account representative can work with you to easily do so. However, in some situations, you may want to use your own custom places to measure a particular campaign. Refer to the document, Sending Custom Places to Factual, for details on how to do this.
  2. If you are using our data in Google or The Trade Desk, you will need to follow additional steps to ensure that we have access to deliver data into your account. You will also need to send us certain platform-specific identifiers to allow us to deliver the data to the right place. You can coordinate this with your Factual account representative.

Using Measurement Data in Your Platform

Once activated, Factual's Measurement Data will power the reporting of store visit conversions in your platform. Depending on the platform, you may see this conversions data in a number of possible ways:

  • A count of store visit conversions by date
  • A count of store visit conversions by individual store/location and date
  • Conversion-level logs showing timestamp and user-level details for individual conversions
  • Aggregate analysis and summary info about your campaign's overall performance

In some cases, Factual may be able to supplement your platform's reporting with additional campaign wrap-up analysis. Contact your Factual account representative for details.